3 Reasons To Have Your Car Fully Detailed Before Selling It

When you're selling your car to a private seller, first impressions are important. A car that looks clean and well-maintained is more likely to attract buyers than one that appears dirty and worn. One of the best ways to instantly boost your car's appeal is to have your car fully detailed. During this process, your car will be fully cleaned both inside and out, followed by either waxing or sealing the exterior in order to give your car a glossy, shining finish. Below are three great reasons to have your car fully detailed before you put it on the market.

1. Increases Your Car's Curb Appeal

The most important reason to have your car fully detailed before selling it is that detailing significantly boosts your car's curb appeal. When you're selling your car to a private seller, you rely heavily on photographs to entice potential buyers to come look at your car. A shining, spotless exterior with clean rims and dressed tires makes your car look nearly new. When your car simply looks much better than other used cars on the market, buyers will come to look at your car first before they contact other sellers.

2. Rejuvenates Your Car's Interior and Eliminates Odors

A full car detailing service also includes a deep cleaning of your car's interior. Your seats, floor mats, and dash will all be meticulously cleaned and polished. Deodorizer will be used in order to remove any smell from the interior of the car. When potential buyers come to look at your car, you'll feel confident allowing them to sit in the interior. You don't have to worry about musty odors or fading plastic driving buyers away.

3. Makes Your Car Appear Well-Maintained

When you have your car fully detailed before selling it, you give buyers the impression that your car has been well-maintained. Buyers often assume that a car owner who cares enough about their car to keep the exterior spotless will also keep the rest of the car in perfect working order. It doesn't matter if this is the first time your car has ever been fully detailed, as buyers won't be able to tell.

Many car detailing shops will clean the engine bay when performing a full car detail. This is an excellent service to have performed on your car before you sell it — many buyers will want to look under the hood, and they will love to see an entirely clean engine bay. It gives buyers reassurance that the car is mechanically sound. In addition, some buyers may want to take your car to their mechanic for an inspection before making the purchase. A clean engine bay will give the buyer's mechanic a favorable impression of the car, as a clean engine bay is much nicer for a mechanic to work in.

All in all, it's a great idea to have your car detailed before you list it for sale. You'll have a better chance of drawing in more buyers and selling the car quickly. In addition, you may be able to list your car at a higher price after it has been detailed. Before you list your car for sale, visit an auto detailing shop to have it fully detailed. As an added bonus, you'll spend the time before it sells driving around in a spotless, freshly detailed car

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