3 Tips To Prepare Your Car Wash For Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and that means more and more people are going to be thinking about giving their vehicles a thorough cleaning. Washing away the dirt and grime that can accumulate on a vehicle during the winter is important when it comes to preventing structural damage.

If you want to ensure that drivers are bringing their vehicles to your car wash for spring cleaning, you will need to take the time to prepare the equipment at your car wash for the increase in activity.

1. Replace Damaged Hoses

Hoses can be found in abundance at a car wash. The winter weather can really take a toll on the quality of these hoses connected to spray guns and brushes. Freezing temperatures can cause hoses to crack, creating leaks that compromise water pressure.

The customer interacts directly with many of the hoses found in your car wash, so it's vital that these pieces of equipment be kept in good working condition. Replace any cracked or worn hoses, and give all intact hoses a thorough cleaning to prepare your car wash for spring customers.

2. Swap Out Chemicals

Another great way to prepare for spring is to switch out the chemicals in use by your car wash equipment. Salt removing chemicals are great during the winter, but they don't offer your customers much value during the spring and summer months.

Flush out all winter chemicals and replace them with bug removing and pollen eliminating chemicals instead. These chemicals will help provide a thorough clean for all the cars who come through your car wash in the coming months.

3. Inspect Change Machines

The change machine is the lifeblood of all self-serve car washes. It's important that you know all the change machines at your facility are working properly before the rush of spring drivers looking to clean their vehicles arrives.

Verify that each change machine is clean and operational. Check to see that there are enough coins in each machine to service the needs of your customers each week. If a customer has difficulty obtaining the quarters they need to power your self-serve car wash equipment, they may become frustrated and move on to the next car wash along their route.

Simple maintenance will allow you to avoid losing customers so you can maximize the profitability of your car wash this spring.

Spring cleaning your car wash equipment is a great way to ensure you are prepared to accommodate drivers looking to give their vehicles a thorough clean this spring.

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