Ceramic Coating: What You Need To Know

You may have come across this term while browsing online. Maybe you have discussed it with your friends, but you were left more confused than knowledgeable. Are the claims that it is a superior alternative correct? What about its cost? Is it better than polishing and waxing? These issues will be cleared up for you to help you make the right choice about the ceramic coating.

What are the basics?

If you want your vehicle to look as good as new, then the ceramic coating is the way to go. You might have tried to wash your vehicle regularly or applying a new wax coat every few months but stains still cling to your car. It is time to make a change. Ceramic coating provides your vehicle with protection from environmental hazards and makes it easier to wash. You are also not expected to apply ceramic coating repeatedly as is the case with polishing and waxing.

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied by hand that chemically bonds with the automobile's factory paint creating a new layer of protection. It is important to note that it is not a substitute to paint protection film. It is more of a better wax alternative. The bonding with the vehicle's factory paint could be permanent or semi-permanent. This is why it is not necessary to apply ceramic coating repeatedly after every few months.

What does ceramic coating do?

Ceramic coating creates additional protection of the hydrophobic layer. The chemical bonding with the vehicle's factory paint leaves it untouched. This prevents grime, stain marks, and dirt from appearing on the vehicle's factory paint job. The chemically intrinsic elements of ceramic coating do not break down in normal weather. It also makes the car more resilient and easier to clean.

What are the main benefits?

  • It reduces the amount of oxidation from the sun's ultraviolet rays
  • It protects the vehicle's coat from chemical stains and etching from naturally acidic contaminants
  • It eases the cleaning of vehicles due to its hydrophobic nature which repels water
  • It provides the vehicle with enhanced gloss. Ceramic coating has enhanced reflective elements that add depth and clarity to the factory's paint job

What does ceramic coating not do?

  • It does not eliminate scratches and swirl marks
  • It does not protect the car from swirl marks
  • It does remove the need to wash your car

Ceramic coating is worth it. You will spend more time driving your car rather than caring about how to protect it. It is a good idea to look for ceramic coating services right away.

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You may have come across this term while browsing online. Maybe you have discussed it with your friends, but you were left more confused than knowledg

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