If You Want To Sell Your Car, Have It Detailed

If you plan on selling your car, then there are some things you can do to help it show better. The better your car shows, the likeliness there is of you selling it faster and for the amount you are asking for. Some things you should do to prepare it for sale include having new tires put on if the current ones are worn, fixing any small issues you can, having the car serviced, and having the car detailed. With regard to having the car detailed, here are some of the reasons why this can be helpful for a future sale:

The car will look great right away

If someone is walking up to your home to look at the car you have for sale, you want them to be as impressed as possible right away. If they just see a dusty car, then right away they get the impression it's been neglected. When this happens, they are going to be expecting things to be wrong with the car and focusing on looking for problems. With a used car, there are usually small issues, and you won't want prospective buyers focusing on those. 

However, having the car detailed prior to showing it can help your cause. When a potential buyer is already impressed with the car when they approach it, then they will generally have a more positive attitude and focus more on noticing things they like about the car. This is why it's so important to have it detailed.

The car will smell good

A car is a small space that's often enclosed. This causes smells to stay inside the vehicle, getting in the interior and carpeting where they can remain for a long period of time. Foul odors can affect the way someone feels about the car negatively. 

Pleasant smells can have the opposite effect. In fact, many stores will use smells in order to increase their sales. Studies have shown that using scent as a form of marketing can turn lukewarm buyers into actual buyers by a large percentage. You can use this same strategy by having your car detailed so that it smells great and appeals more to those who test drive it. 


Having your car detailed is something you want to have done before showing the car to any potential buyers. Once it has been detailed, you should keep it in the garage or under a covered space so that it continues to look its best for those who come to look at it. To learn more, contact an auto detailing service.

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